Venus Ng

Venus heads Accounts. Which means if you have a problem, she is your girl.

Typically carrying at least 2 Mac thing’ems, a magazine, stolen earphones and coffee, Venus is almost always over-equipped to handle whatever life throws round.

Whether it’s copy, print, web, Mert billboards, Facebook, Twitter, or the social media kid on the block so new Mustafa (@mustafacentresg) hasn’t heard of them (e.g. Emma, MoonToast, Populr), Venus will keep you ahead of the curve, your competition, and superlatively happy.

Venus’s mission statement is to rock. your. socks.

Madeline Kew

If she had a soundtrack, it’d be Ye Shanghai, and she’d lounge around in a cheongsam waving cups of pu-er, possibly sneaking out for yapian on quiet afternoons.

(Alas! It’s 2012, not 193-.)

Maddy does all our creative work. An intense perfectionist, she will get it RIGHT, whether it’s 11am or 11pm, and whether Venus (see above) has had her morning (/afternoon/ evening) coffee.

Maddy’s mission statement is (unoriginally, also) to rock. your. Socks.


Feel free to email me at if you would like to work together on a project, have questions, need a quote or would like to just say “howdy, I like what you do.”